International Research Section

Prof. Pristovsek

We explore new approaches to develop the second most important semiconductor: Galliun-Nitride (GaN). GaN is most widely used in light emitting diodes (LEDs) which have replaced all other means of illumination and thus saved billions of tons of CO2. And LEDs power your monitors and smartphone screens too.
Less known are GaN based electronics. But these can build smaller and more efficient power converters: Either to charge your laptop or phone, or to convert the DC from roof-top solar panels to the AC current of the grid. Again, a key element to make the future more sustainable.
Finally, GaN is at the heart of the 5G network. High power at high frequency modulation (for fast data transfer) is most effcient with GaN-based electronics. And the even higher frequencies of future 6G networks will not work without new GaN electronics.